Eushaw® Thermal Proxy

The new generation of multiphase flow simulators

The Eushaw Dynamic Simulator is Parallel-Dynamic Software that handles the complex non-linear flow surrounding the producer in all applications. Eushaw-Thermal can solve most of the challenges associated with Flow-Control-Device modelling and design. The Eushaw-Thermal simulator is continuously improved and many modules in Eushaw-Thermal are state-of-art, and in many respects, it is 10-20 years ahead of competitors.

Key Features

  • The simple completion data input interface is designed on the basis of segments/joints mostly used by completion engineers,
  • FCD library
  • Heat-transfer analysis along the liquid pool to calculate the onset of flashing
  • Automated history matching
  • Circulation and bull-heading options for SAGD
  • Simple Nodal analysis module for quick understanding of the FCD
  • Erosion material library for Vickers hardness, impingement effect for ductile and brittle materials
  • PSD library for erosion evaluation