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SAGD Solutions

Eushaw-Thermal is Parallel-Dynamic software that handles the complex non-linear flow surrounding the producer in SAGD application. Eushaw-Thermal can solve most of the challenges associated with Flow-Control-


Solvent-SAGD Solution

Fully Compositional Modelling 

The Eushaw Solvent module includes multiple EoS models: Peng-Robinson and Soave-Redlich-Kwong. The Solvent module also includes the linear solution (Flory-Huggins Theory) and PC-SAFT EoS to model Asphaltene Phase Behavior.  Eushaw is a compositional software and calculates the azeotropic point to decide if water or solvent is flashing and uses such flashing technique to capture the near-wellbore and inside FCD. 



Efficiency of Subcool Trapping in the Nsolv Process

Shale-Gas Design and Analysis

One of novel capabilities is to design and model hydraulic-fractures in shale gas reservoirs. In Eushaw HF models are developed such: P3D, EP3D, CP3D, ILSA and DDM. These models are highly capable to capture the complexity of stress variation in the reservoir and also track the tip of the fracture that grows into reservoir and leak-off rates. For proppant transport also can be modeled by simple and complex models such as CFD. The HF is coupled with reservoir engine that handles the phase changes such as condensation and gas-liberation.


Corrosion Problems during Production

Prediction and Analysis

Scale and corrosion can be a major cause of tubing failure. Reducing and controlling corrosion is, in many cases, one of the primary ways you’ll be spending your time around an oil and gas lease. It is most often an issue with wells that produce a great deal of water. Eushaw simulator provides a prediction on localized pitting, general corrosion and also the likelihood of corrosion. Eushaw software includes all the recent development such as Papavinasam and Sun-Nesic models.